5 Weight Loss Tips on How to Select a Diet

5 Weight Loss Tips on How to Select a Diet


A proper weight loss diet should be tailored to the individual needs of each individual; this means that a diet suitable for someone else is not also appropriate for us even if given by a registered dietician. The diets in different magazines / journals, certainly are not personal and do not meet the above criteria. This post outlines 5 weight loss tips that can help you select a diet that is appropriate for your needs.

Weight loss tips: How to select a diet that is appropriate for you?

1. Avoid diets that have an «imbalance» in macronutrients and ingredients summarized in the following features: Very low-carbohydrate, high protein and low in fat.

2. Avoid diets that prohibit the consumption or avoidance of specific foods from the daily diet.
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3. Avoid diets that you are not sure about the credibility of the author. Is the author of the diet a scientist, a dietician or nutritionist? If not, you need to think very well before trying the proposed diet.

4. Avoid diets that promote: Magical and miracle foods, fast weight loss, no physical exercise at all, strict menus, «good» and «bad» Food, specific combinations of food, unlimited quantities of specific foods.

5. Is the diet too good to be true or does it promote specific products or nutritional supplements (such as- omega3 which, although it is beneficial to human health is not the solution to all problems!). Is the diet based on an individual work or work published in lifestyle magazines that do not enjoy the acceptance of the scientific community?

It should be clear that there is no established research to support these diets. Conversely these diets are characterized by: empirical testimony, not specific facts to demonstrate their effectiveness or lack of any criticism from professional dieticians. Usually they create several negative side effects to your health such as intense migraine headaches.

Say Yes to healthy eating

Scientific studies have shown that the most effective weight loss program is the one that combines a healthy diet, changing eating habits and regular exercise.

At a time when healthy eating is necessary, the number of people trying to get healthy or ideal weight, have increased significantly, either because of the association of obesity with serious health problems or because of the tendency to comply with modern standards of beauty that want people to have low weight. This trend has resulted in a huge interest to anything that may contribute to weight loss. This becomes even more intense especially in seasons when the desire for weight loss is more pronounced, as is before the summer.

During this period people, processes and formulations designed to induce overweight individuals with attractive and often misleading advertising are exploited in full. Unfortunately, as proved by research, overweight or obese people are particularly vulnerable to promises that have to do with easy and quick weight loss result. This is often the reason that these people do not think at all before to trust a well-marketed weight loss method or a diet.