Effects of too Much Exercise


Product: Cellerciser Rebounder

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My Rating: 10 What are the effects of overexercising?exhausted when you are working outtired all the time and needing more sleepyou cant sleepyour heart beats too fastmoodygetting sick (Immune system is weak)recovery from exercising takes longerfat gain (stress from overexercising releases cortisol)lost interest in exercise I once had a neighbor

I have written before about a neighbor of mine who lived in our cul-de-sac when we lived in another state. She was an intense yet likable person.

When she gained quite a bit of weight due to a surprise third pregnancy, she became obsessed about getting the extra weight off. I would say she began an extreme 3-4 year journey of exercising. When I say extreme, I mean most people would not do such a regimen unless they were competing in sports.

She had this rigid schedule where she did a demanding workout inside her home, then she went out every day pushing her baby in his stroller during his early years while she ran an hour in the middle of the day. When it snowed, she worked out for 2 hours in her house.

Not only was the sun aging her, but the overexercising was aging her, too. Her skin was cooked. Her body was gaunt. She was a dark redhead while I have bright orange red hair and very fair skin. One reason that I always exercised inside was I sunburn even with sunscreen on if I am out in the sun for a good period of time. I wear sunscreen all the time, even under my makeup. If I go for a walk, I do it early morning or in the late afternoon. One day, my dear neighbor admitted to me that she had had weight issues since high school and evidently she still did.

My friends who noticed her looking too thin and her skin too cooked by the sun would say things to me about it. It was her choice I said. However, I also told them she will hit a wall and burn out.

Putting pressure on yourself to get in 2 hours of working out a day is insane to me. I am way too busy for that and would rather spend the majority of time doing other things. Before we moved away, my neighbors son was in preschool and Id see her jogging in the middle of the day. What are the positive things about moderate exercise?

You can still function. You see, exercising should not make us look haggard and worn out. We want to feel vibrant and energetic and have rest days to recover so well have energy to workout another day.

Unless one is an elite athlete, moderation is the key. There are workouts that can make you look younger. I am going to list a couple that I do on my rotation, and if you look on some on the T-Tapp website and see the before and after pictures, you will see women who have come alive.

By that I mean, their skin looks better and they are standing more upright. That right there makes them look younger.

T-Tapp is in the top 3-4 exercises I do. Why? Because it works. Less is more with T-Tapp. If you do short workouts, you can do them 6 days a week unless you have issues with your thyroid or adrenal issues. Still you can do some of her short exercises every other day and get results.

You can use her Tapp

Core DVD and do 2-3 moves a day and lose inches. Do Teresas Primary Stretch Move each day and see how many inches you lose with that 1 move. Many trainers have had clients who are exhausted from being full-time moms, or they have health issues, so they do not put pressure on themselves. They  do what they can do and still get results.

T-Tapp Basic Workout, MORE Rehab, Step Away the Inches, and a few others are short workouts. Her Total Workout can be broken down into 3 days. Yes, youll get results and get stronger and soon will be doing the complete workout.

I am currently rebounding/Cellercising and it is only 10 minutes. I feel great.

According to David Hall who is the creator of the Cellerciser rebounder and the exercises, When you Cellercise, rather than pushing against gravity (as with typical weight-bearing exercise), you increase the weight of gravity on every cell and muscle in the body.

At the bottom of the bounce of the Cellerciser, you experience an increased G-force; at the top of the bounce, you reach weightlessness. The result? Youll work your cells, muscles, and cardiovascular system unlike any other fitness method for more effective results.

We have 75 trillion cells in our body, and moving up and down breaks up cells that are stuck together and helps the lymphatic system do its job.

T-Tapp also works the lymphatic system. That is why I love these two exercise systems. Oh No!

A person has to exercise for hours to stay in shape

No, they do not. That is a myth. Again, the majority of people are not elite athletes who compete. According to the Cellercise website, research has been done comparing 10 minutes of Cellercising with other exercise programs. Cellercising can burn calories:11 times faster than walking5 times faster than swimming3 times faster than running

I am not telling anybody who does these activities to stop. If you enjoy it, please continue doing what you love. I will continue to do T-Tapp. The Cellerciser is built to last. The mat portion of his trampoline doesnt cause your ankles to move inwards.

Instead of the bouncing in a forward direction, youll will be bouncing straight up and down. Over the last 25 years or so, the Cellercise exercise program has attracted countless doctors and healthcare practitioners, who recommend the Cellerciser to their patients and clients.

Cellercising is recommended by Dr. Morton Walker. Dr. Walker has written dozens of best-selling health and holistic wellness books. It offers prodigious benefits for the lymphatic system, the heart, blood vessels, nerves, brain, and all other cells of the body, according to Dr. Walker.

Below are 30 reasons Dr. Walker recommends Cellercise:
1. Increase balance and coordination
2. Reduce chances of heart disease
3. Boost production of red blood cells
4. Aid in lymphatic circulation
5. Strengthen the heart
6. Tone and strengthen muscle fiber
7. Lower resting heart rate
8. Reduce cholesterol and triglyceride
9. Stimulate metabolism
10. Improve vision
11. Promote growth and repair
12. Increase breathing capacity
13. Circulate more oxygen to your cells
14. Tone the glandular system
15. Increase thyroid output
16. Expand capacity to store fuel
17. Increase muscle vigor
18. Reduce headaches and back pains
19. Reduce aches & pains
20. Improve digestion and elimination
21. Allow for deeper sleep
22. Improve ability to relax
23. Stimulate better mental performance
24. Stimulate keener learning process
25. Lessen fatigue
26. Reduce PMS symptoms
27. Reduce menstrual discomfort
28. Improve immune system
29. Slow the aging process
30. Reduce chances of obesity

I always encourage people to do what they enjoy. Moderation is the best way not to burn out. If you pressure yourself, you will give up and not exercise at all. That, too, can age you, make you immobile, and you can put on some weight. Life is about movement but also enjoying other things.