Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast


Can you lose weight fast by listening to other people’s success stories? Yes and No. A lot of things people do are specific to their own life and wouldn’t make sense for you to copy exactly. BUT – if you look at what someone else has done at a high level and then find a way to apply the concept to your specific life it can be very helpful.

I recently read an article from Health Magazine’s website about losing weight. It asked readers to send in one thing they are doing in their life to lose weight. The link to the article is here. For the record, I don’t enjoy articles like this. They usually have a bunch of random comments that only work for the one person writing them. And for the most part this article was no different.

BUT – I then asked myself the same thing I am asking you. How can I turn these into general concepts that people can use in their life.

Make The Obvious Choices First

Most people know on some level what they should be doing or not. But for a number of reasons they just haven’t made the change yet. If you know you need to lose weight but you haven’t tried anything at all you are in this category. This first step is to just get started – do anything. This can even be a small change. It’s just something to make you think about your choices and give you some momentum. Some of the article comments in this category included:

“I went from eating at restaurants 9 times a week to just once a week”

“I quit smoking and started exercising”

“I used to order a large sized value meal at fast food restaurants. Now I order a regular size.”

Move More

A lot of people have desk jobs and spend most of their time sitting. Then it’s sitting in traffic. Then it’s sitting at dinner. Then after a long day it’s sitting on the couch. If this sounds like your day you would be shocked to find out how little movement you actually have. Walking is great to get your legs moving and your blood circulating. It’s one of those small choices that can lead to bigger benefits. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time walking one or two miles on the treadmill. Even if it is an extra trip to the bathroom, just make a conscious effort to stand up and walk around a little more during the day. Especially on days that you aren’t able to exercise. Some of the comments in this category include:

“Dance while washing the dishes”

“Take a small walk on your lunch hour”

“Go on a quick walk with the dog each day”

Make It Harder To Eat Bad

Eating is often a form of convenience, whether you are hungry or just because you are bored. People will eat food that is readily available, easy to get to and doesn’t require much thinking. So anything you can do to make good food more available helps. And anything you can do to make bad food less available helps. Some of the comments in this category include:

“Not keeping junk food in the house”

“Getting rid of bad snacks and replacing them with healthier versions”

“Stock more vegetables”

Remember, the point of this isn’t for you to try doing what someone else has done. The point is for you to find your own random comment – that works for YOU – and add it to one of these categories.