Six MORE Things To Know About Stretching

Six MORE Things To Know About Stretching


Since stretching is so beneficial to the body, last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could have done different to my last post 3 Points About Stretching. I know I could have added way more to it. I went back and wrote down more things to know about stretching and this is the list I came up with.

Follow this tips, rules, or guidelines. Whatever you want to call them.

1. When you’re working on your stretch, don’t immediately do the stretch you have the more difficulty with. Instead, work on the ones you can do and then do the harder ones later on into the stretch.

2. When stretching, stretch ALL your muscles for added benefit. Don’t forget the neck like most people do. We hold up all our tension around our neck so why wouldn’t we want to stretch that out? Push the back of your head forward for a great posterior neck stretch.

3. Stretch is not something you do once a month, the more often you do it, the better. Try stretching at least once a week.

4. Don’t let other push you to stretch more. Only you know your own bodies capabilities if you push yourself often. This doesn’t mean don’t try, just be careful. If you have to, allow yourself to decrease your range of motion.

5. Don’t forget to rest. Taking breaks is important but never for longer then a full minute. You don’t want your body to cool down but give yourself time to build up energy.

6. If you’re getting tired just doing a light stretch, you really need to work on your cardio fitness.

7. (Bonus!) Listen to music through your workout to keep you pumped!-