Why get a VPN?

Why get a VPN?


Let’s start with the basics. What is a VPN connection?

So, what is a VPN connection? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Much like a proxy, a VPN connection changes your IP address to the IP address given to you by a VPN server. This dynamic IP address tells the hosting server of the website, torrent or streaming site where you reside in the world. By changing your IP to a different set of numbers the VPN tricks the hosting server into thinking you are in a different location. Where a VPN differs from a proxy lies in the added security provided by a VPN. VPNs provide encryption of your data to protect against hackers. However, this encryption tends to slow down the speed of your connection. Therefore, most VPN services that maintain a fast enough speed for streaming charge a monthly fee.

Why get a VPN?

So why get a VPN? Well, do you want to watch free movies online? Well, then there are two main reasons to do so. The first reason is that you do not want your ISP to see that you have been torrenting or streaming content. This can result in receiving warnings from your ISP by way of a letter or phone call on your first few violations. Further violations can result in a reduction in your internet speed and a small fine. If receive more than six warning your IP address can be handed over to the Motion Picture Association of America. The MPAA has the right to persue legal action.

The second reason you want to get a VPN is that it prevent hackers from being able to access you computer or TV Box. A VPN works like a tunnel. This tunnel makes it hard for hackers to deploy software to intercept your data or gain access to your devices while data is being transferred from the source (streaming site) to the TV Box or computer. Additionally, everything going through this tunnel has been encrypted. This means that all data has been jumbled so that even if hackers managed to gain access to your data, it wouldn’t matter. All they would see is a jumbled mess, which they couldn’t make sense of. So I ask you, why not get a VPN?

Are VPNs used when you aren’t streaming or torrenting?

Yes, VPNs are also used to surf the web. A VPN can be used to access websites that would be blocked otherwise. This is most evident in schools, jobs, and public wifi areas. The VPN tricks the website into thinking that you reside in the country of the IP you have been assigned.
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Others use a VPN to surf the web anonymously. A VPN makes it impossible for your ISP to log your internet activity. So as long as your VPN provider does not log data, your internet activity has not been recorded. Some content is also blocked geographically. For example, countries such as China, North Korea, Vietnam and Pakistan aren’t able to access social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. Worse yet, countries like China and North Korea have extreme internet censorship due to wide variety of government imposed restrictions. A VPN will side step these restrictions.

Is a VPN worth it?  I already have enough expenses!

A good VPN which has the capability to stream or torrent typically costs about $5USD to $12USD a month. Along with a TV box you are able to cancel your cable bill. This can cost anywhere from $40USD to $100USD a month. A typical TV box costs about $100USD. Doing the math, in the first year alone you could be saving about $1000USD. However, without a VPN you run the risk of being hacked or hassled by the MPAA.

As an added bonus you may also be able to save money when booking vacations. It is a little known fact that prices can differ depending on your geographical location. Therefore, you can use the VPN to compare prices using various VPNs in different countries to snag the best deal available.  Therefore, the small cost of a VPN is well worth it for the peace of mind and bonus perks that comes along with your purchase. When the dust settles, a VPN pays for itself.

Let me know if you think a VPN is worth the price of admission!  Leave a comment with your opinion!  I look forward to your feedback!